Spirits for Four Flutes

Instrumentation: flute 1 (dbl. piccolo), flute 2, flute (dbl. alto flute), flute 4 (dbl. bass flute)

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Performance History: Recorded at Systems Two, Brooklyn NY, February 12, 2008. Lissie Okopny, flute 1/piccolo; Gloria Huh, flute 2; Chelsea Knox, flute 3/alto flute; Jesse Schiffman flute 4/bass flute

Duration: 15 minutes

Program Note: Spirits is meant to project not only the spiritual essence of those performing it, but also the spiritual essence of the instruments themselves. The first movement is slightly mercurial in nature and is divided into two parts, where each part is characterized by a contrasting theme. The second movement evokes a more lyrical soundscape. The third is more mischievous and humorous, while the fourth is improvisational. Finally, the fifth part is characterized by action and adventure.