Various Film/TV/Branding projects. All music in the following videos was composed and produced by Sameer Ramchandran.

Paul Robeson Documentary
Feature Documentary


Two short clips from a documentary about the celebrated singer and actor Paul Robeson. Rutgers University, prod., Thomas Lennon, dir., Sameer Ramchandran, comp.

Supper Club
TV Pilot

This is a short clip of the first two minutes of the TV pilot Supper Club. It’s a comedy series that revolves around “Dick Apple’s Supper Club” and the various cast of characters that frequent the club. Most of the material and dialogue was improvised by the the actors. My contribution was the jazz piano source music that plays in the background. Produced by Volt Studios; Erik Stolhankse, dir.

Communities in Schools
Brand Video

A short documentary for Communities in Schools, a nation-wide non profit organization that helps underprivileged students in economically challenged neighborhoods. Volunteers do “whatever it takes” to help kids achieve their educational goals. Produced by Ogilvy & Mather West, Kiran Ramchandran, dir.

Brand Video

A short promotional film for Proofpoint, one of the top data protection companies that serves many high-profile brands in the financial, educational, health-care and technology sectors. A William Gibson (Necromancer), Phillip K. Dick inspired visual take on the digital landscape of the world in which we live. Produced by Ogilvy & Mather West, Kiran Ramchandran, dir.

Night Vision
Short video/audio clip

Hypnotic and ethereal proof of concept video. Kiran Ramchandran, dir.

What Happened on the Fourth Date
Opening sequence and a clip from the short film.

Margaret, who has been on three previous dates with Jonathan, decides to invite him back to her place after their fourth date. But when Jonathan seems less than eager to get things going, Margaret starts to wonder what’s up. All is explained by the arrival of a third “person.” Mrinalini Kamath, writ./prod., Vijay Mathew, dir.

Off Duty
A clip from the feature film.

An Indian cab driver in New York picks up a wealthy customer who seemingly destroys the driver’s life savings. While attempting to restore his lost money, the driver starts to question his duty to his family that he hasn’t seen in several years. When his money is finally recovered, he begins to sever his ties to his family. Vijay Mathew, dir.