Instrumentation: violin and piano

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Performance History: Premiere, Lotte Lehman Concert Hall, University of California, Santa Barbara; March 11, 2003; Mary Kim violin, Humberto Almeida, piano. Second performance, Karl Geiringer Hall, UCSB; May 15, 2003; Laura Hackstein, violin; Humberto Almeida, piano

Duration: 12 minutes

Program Note: Dialgoue was finished in March of 2002. It came about through a desire to explore an initial meeting between two players and their ensuing conversation. Interesting conversations can change over a period of time. The ideas and feelings of one player become directly dependent upon the exchanges with the other. The same words and ideas that are expressed calmly at one point may very quickly be expressed again more forcefully and with less patience. The players may at any time flee from each other in disagreement and exasperation only to return at a point of serene concurrence.

At first reserved, these players slowly become acquainted with each other. As they become more comfortable, their talk becomes heated and ideas are stated more forcefully. Words are exchanged and parried. By the end, their conversation has mellowed and they retire. The original reservations of their encounter have left, leaving in their place a quiet familiarity.