The Silver Fountain

Instrumentation: flute, trombone, marimba, piano

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Performance History: This work premiered on July 12th, 2019 at the MATCH Theater in Houston, Texas, during the 2019 Space City New Music Festival, for which it was written. Performers were: Michael Avitabile, flute; Jacob Elkin, trombone, Cameron Leach, marimba; Ting-Ting Yang, piano.

Program Note: Ancient fountains served many purposes for civilizations through the ages. Perhaps most importantly, they were a means of providing precious drinking water for the citizenry. Roman fountains were famous for being both functional and decorative. During the Middle Ages in Europe, fountains began to be seen as sources of life, purity, wisdom and innocence. Some were even associated with the Garden of Eden. Others were found in medieval Jardins d’amour, or gardens of courtly love. The famous fountains of Alhambra were used to irrigate orange and myrtle trees. Even today, older fountains dot the landscape leaving behind traces of memories of the people and lives that they served. This work seeks to portray the mythic quality as well as the source of life and beauty that these fountains represented.

photos courtesy of Joshua Jorel Photography